& Manager

Albert’s dream is to get the guys off the streets through his sports program, which he hopes will decrease the stigma of being disabled and make the guys stars in their own right. He has big plans for skate soccer, one day hoping for a Skate Soccer World Cup. Albert is an unemployed IT consultant and stay-at-home dad. Albert devotes his spare time and money to further the cause of the Rolling Rockets. Albert’s family has fallen on hard times since the death of his father but they have stuck together. After they’ve been to church on a Sunday, Albert’s twin sister, Alberta, as well as his mother, Vida, are a common sight at skate soccer games. Albert does what he can with his limited means. He is under constant pressure to help his team with personal matters, medical attention, legal help… the list is endless. But Albert won’t give up - he believes in himself and he believes in the team. Read more about Albert’s Sport & Youth Development Organisation here: