Evidence of Polio is still widespread in West Africa and sport is a global phenomenon. With this film we plan to engage with numerous NGOs and Foundations to conduct awareness and fundraising campaigns through using the film in a non-theatrical environment. We have done research into various organisations and individuals who could be potential partners in the promotion and screening of the film.

Our desired result is to have a theatrical release of the film, following on the lines of films that have some similarity such as Benda Billi and Murderball, followed by a US national tour in the non-theatrical environment through building an extensive NGO network.

In Africa, we have recently theatrically released a film in an unprecedented 18 African countries (Viva Riva! by Djo Tunda wa Munga). We are now in the process of consolidating this network to release further films. Rollaball would aim to be released through this network, which covers all of Africa’s regions except North Africa.

On the television side, we have coproduced and licensed films with a number of European and North American broadcasters before, who we are in the process of approaching. We are taking the film to markets to raise interest amongst these broadcasters.

We plan a major online campaign for the release of the film. More of that later.