In the last 10 years, the director and the producer have together produced over 100 documentaries, shorts and TV programs in over 20 African countries. The producer has been viewing, selecting and screening African documentaries for the last 13 years at the Encounters Documentary Festival. We know that both Africans and people with disabilities are often misrepresented in the media as "noble victims.'' We want to change this by showing how normal they are: they fight with their wives, there is good and bad, and there are complex sets of relationships that need to be explored. We have spent many years searching for stories that can achieve this and when we came across Ghana's skate soccer team, it immediately attracted us. Their story is not widely known and the film will offer a surprising and compelling viewing experience.

this story lends itself to creating a more nuanced understanding of the diversity of both Africa and disabled people, by digging deeper into so-called victims and humanizing them beyond the headlines and stereotypes.

The goal of the film is to narrate vivid personal testimonies combined with well-controlled images of the day-to-day lives of our characters, placing them in their overall context - the streets of Accra. When filming the players on the streets, the camera will adopt differing points of view: we will film at eye-level to give the perspective from the street, as well as from sitting and standing positions to show the circumstances of our characters. At times the camera will be observational and at other times in amongst the action. This diverse visual style, combined with an intense sound design, makes the film seem almost interactive. The viewer will walk away with a feeling of having been there.