Skate soccer and Rollaball featured by CNN Inside Africa

“Skate it like Beckham: Polio survivors play football on wheels

by Daisy Carrington

Polio victims are not an uncommon sight in Accra. The poorest of them often make a living from begging, weaving through the Ghanaian capital’s traffic on homemade skateboards, seeking handouts from passing motorists. It’s not an easy life.

“Going amongst the cars, it’s very dangerous,” attests Aminu Yaro, aka Smallee, a polio survivor who moved to the city from Niger.

“Some drivers’ breaks might fail and the car could run you down.”

While during the week, many choose to ignore these men, and the deftness they exhibit when navigating the roads, on Sundays, Ghanians turn up in the hundreds to watch them play a sport that could one day be a hit on the Paralympic circuit: skate soccer.

“When Saturday comes, I go to sleep early, because I know tomorrow morning I’m going to play ball,” says Yaro.

Yaro is a member of the Rolling Rockets, a team of about 40 polio survivors. As many have limited use of their legs, the men play their version of soccer on skateboards, and hit the ball with their hands.”

See photos and read more on CNN: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/07/02/world/africa/skate-it-like-beckham-polio/index.html



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July 3, 2014